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I studied psychology at the University of Maryland and graduated with a BA.  My special interest was child psychology. I worked in various child health areas for several years in the US, Germany & the UK.

After getting married I returned to the UK in the early 80’s. I trained as a registered nurse at the S.W. Hertfordshire College of Nursing. I’d intended to specialize in paediatric nursing but midwifery won the day.  After a gap year, mostly spent in India, I came back to study midwifery at the E. Berkshire College of Midwifery in 1989. I had a special interest in natural birth & breastfeeding from my own life experiences so attended the entire 2 months parent craft classes offered by the NCT as a guest midwife.  They inspired me to engage in further breastfeeding training which I have done at every opportunity since the late 1980’s.

After completing my midwifery training I returned to India where I did voluntary work in numerous health care settings in Kashmir.  Both in the capital city of Srinagar & out in the Himalayan villages. I often worked with lay midwives & local doctors. I visited both private & state run maternity units & their neonatal units.  I learned far more from these experiences than I was ever able to give to them in return.  

After my Indian sojourn, I returned to the States. For a time, working in various settings, private & state run maternity units & birth centers.  The US nurse-midwifery qualification is an advanced registered nurse-practitioner license. I completed this training in 1991.

I returned to UK midwifery practice in the mid 90‘s. Since 2002 I have worked in neonatal high dependency & the special care baby units in S. Kent. I undertook further training in the care of the sick neonate in 2005. I qualified as a lactation consultant in 2012.

From my time in India & the US I’m used to clients using various herbal & homeopathic remedies.  I’m always happy to discuss the use of safe, natural therapies if it’s deemed appropriate. At times, I’ve worked closely with medical herbalists, chinese acupuncturists & cranial osteopaths.  All clients would have to decide for themselves if that’s what they wish to do in challenging circumstances.


I liaise with GP’s, midwives & health visitors when necessary but I always discuss the need for this with my clients before hand.  A copy of any report I send to another professional, usually a GP, will always be given to the parents.

And finally, I trained as an aromatherapist, in London with Micheline Arcier before nursing. This included baby massage, acupressure, lymph drainage  & other advanced massage techniques. In the 90’s I qualified as a reflexologist.  These practices are also covered by my professional indemnity & public liability insurance. I am always happy to teach any massage technique to parents when asked.  

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