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covering Kent & parts of East Sussex

Services & Prices

Initial phone consultations are complementary for up to the first 10 minutes.  If more time is required then a consultatory visit will probably need to be booked.

Please refer to the map above to find your location.  The coloured area your location falls into determines the cost as prices vary depending on the distance needing to be covered to reach you.


A ‘3’ VISIT OPTION:  I recommend this for first time mothers who have either very little or no breastfeeding support network around them or have known health concerns that are likely to impact on breastfeeding.  This can be divided up as either one pre-natal visit (to take a full history and teach about latching before the birth, how to prevent problems and so on), one visit immediately after the birth to ensure a good latch from the beginning.  Then a third visit after about the 10th to 12th day to ensure baby is gaining weight and all is well with mum.  Allow approximately one hour per visit.

Any other combination will work as well.  Such as 2 post natal visits and one baby massage teaching session once baby is feeding and growing well.  Or any other necessary combination.

PRICES:  £180.00  £210.00    £240.00   £270.00   £300.00   £330.00

THE ‘ONE-OFF’ VISIT:  Often the emergency call out because of problems.  Most post-natal problems can easily be sorted out with only one visit.  However, prevention is far better than trying to correct a problem after it has begun.  ‘One offs ‘can also be used to simply have the reassurance that latching and positioning are good and alternatives are understood.  In theory, the midwives should be skilled in providing this as basic post-natal care. All appointments are for a 1 hour visit but please allow up to 2 hours for first visits where a problem has already developed. Once I have arrived the price is the same whether I need to be there for 30 minutes or 2 hours.  

PRICES:  £70.00  £80.00   £90.00  £100.00   £110.00  £120.00

BABY MASSAGE SESSIONS:  These appointments are charged at the same rates as breastfeeding advice visits and require the same amount of time.  Basically one hour but sometimes nearing two hours.  If a breast-feeding issue is resolved very quickly after arrival then I am happy to teach any massage technique to make up the time remaining but otherwise the two disciplines should be booked separately.

PRICES: as above or can be included in the 3 visit package

FURTHER CALL OUTS:  Rarely necessary to be honest. Should it be required or a baby massage visit is requested then I give a reduced rate if I have already been to a family.

PRICES:  £60.00  £70.00  £80.00   £90.00   £100.00   £110.00


I accept cash, cheque or bank transfer on the day of the visit.  Receipts are always given along with further instructions that might need to be followed over the course of the next few days. Also, when and how to contact me if the problem hasn’t resolved is an expected time frame.  

I will never leave a mother without a workable action plan to follow. Whatever the problem!  

If a report is necessary, say for a tongue-tie referral, then I will leave a copy of any assessment with the parents. Referrals for hospital appointments or GP follow-up will be posted or faxed to parents once I have sent them to the appropriate professionals.  These can only be done once I am back at home.

I always carry breastfeeding aids with me on visits.  These include nipple creams, nipple shields, breast shells, freezer bags for expressed milk, nipplets for treatment of inverted nipples and so on.  I sell any of these new items at the price I paid for them myself.  This is so that if they are deemed necessary I can teach their use while I am there and mums don’t need to send someone out for them.  However, if they are not needed I won’t be selling them!


Anyone wishing to give one of my services as a gift to a new mother or baby then, please, don’t hesitate contact me.  I am only too happy to issue gift certificates on request.